Should You Love Or List Your Home?

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Selling your home in the Eastern Bays/Remuera is never an easy decision. Often, the house is where you have created memories, and the neighbourhood is where you have become used to (St Heliers beach or Remuera village shops or the Orakei Basin are all things you are going to miss).

This is true even if you have never really loved your home, or it’s become a daily cause of stress. Maybe you are always stuck in traffic to work, or your neighbors live to find new ways to annoy you, or the kitchen that you wanted to change 10 years ago is still the same mustard-coloured nightmare. 

That’s because parting with a home is a major life decision, not just financially but often emotionally. Not only do you need to dig into your pockets to see if it might work, but you will also gather your friends and families for their opinions on the feasibility of the move. Because a fickle decision can be costly.

If you feel like you are at a loss as to whether you should love it or list it, it’s time to take a deep breath and consider the signs life has been throwing your way.

Here’s how to know if it’s time to love it or list it.

1. You’ve Suddenly Noticed 100 Things You Dislike About Your Home

It’s A Sign To… Stay Put….Or List It If You Can’t Resolve These Issues.

After you have bought the house and start to live in it, you might start noticing certain features of the house that you start to dislike. For example, you can no longer deal with the blue tiled bathrooms, or the lack of storage in the house (after accumulating all those stuff over the years) is getting on your nerves.

However, who is to say that you won’t find new things that you might dislike in the new house? If you’ve only just moved into your house a short while ago, then you have yet to truly settle in and adjust to the quirks of your home. You will realise often you can still make it work.

Fight that FOMO (fear of missing out) by making simple improvements like upgrading the kitchen or bathroom (just make sure you check regarding building consents as we have dealt with a few cases where unconsented works create issues for purchasers and vendors, and even cause deals to fall through), painting the exterior for a more modern, updated look, or even just trying simple fixes like redecorating the house.

Unless it is something major like not having an internal access garage (which can be inconvenient with the constant Auckland rain and less noticeable in Summer) or the flow of the house is just not working for you and your family, then perhaps you should consider selling. But only after the options of fixing those problems are either too expensive, too disruptive or too much effort.

2. You’ve Just Completed A Big Renovation

ruoxi wang dickson lee Team Dickson & Ruoxi ray white real estate agent in remuera mission bay orakei kohimarama st heliers glendowie glen innes meadowbank st johns mt wellington stonefields

It’s A Sign To… Stay Put

If you’ve just put in a huge amount of money into renovations or upgrades, you could be stretched a little too thin to sell your home right now. While renovations often add to the value of a home, they do not necessarily guarantee a higher sale price, especially if you have bought not too long ago and are selling in a stable market.

This is even more true if you made highly personal choices in your improvements, like going for orange walls and red kitchen cabinetry.

Instead, enjoy the fruits of your labour for a while first before considering to sell. Nothing beats sitting by your new pool whilst enjoying the sunset over Rangitoto.

Unless of course your renovation budget has spiraled out of control and you have to sell! In which case, it is unfortunate but we can be here to guide you to the best possible sale price. You could consider refinancing, especially given low interest rates – speak to a mortgage broker to how he/she could help! Getting a flatmate or running an Airbnb in your Mission Bay, St Heliers, Kohimarama, Orakei or Glendowie home (very popular with tourists given their proximity to the Eastern Bay beaches) can be a good idea too.

3. You Really Can’t Stand Your Neighborhood Anymore

It’s A Sign To… Sell

What was once a quiet neighbourhood has changed with lots of construction and noise going on as apartments start sprouting up next to you (cue the Outlook and Horizon apartments).

Your neighbors who used to be a nice family that hold summer bbqs (and invited you) have now turned into a party house with 6 cars often parked on the street, making the street really narrow and difficult for cars to pass through, not to mention the lack of parking for your guests.

Or the fact that your neighbourhood seems to be the target of break-ins all the time is not just financially but also emotionally draining. Basically, the character of the specific area has changed drastically since you moved in.

We like to say the key thing in Real Estate is “Location, Location, Location”. While there are many things you can do to improve your home’s interior and exterior, you just can’t change the location.

If your home is no longer your safe haven, it’s time to find new surroundings. Here’s an extra tip when you are house hunting: Make sure to visit potential neighborhoods on weekdays during rush hour and weekend nights to get a true sense of the lifestyle.

Also note that certain streets near Kohimarama School, Selwyn College, St Heliers School etc. are always going to be jam packed during school rush hour times. This is just unavoidable and a symptom of Auckland’s traffic woes…

4. Your Family Needs Have Changed

ruoxi wang dickson lee Team Dickson & Ruoxi ray white real estate agent in remuera mission bay orakei kohimarama st heliers glendowie glen innes meadowbank st johns mt wellington stonefields

It’s A Sign To… Sell

When you bought this two bedroom apartment, you were a young professional couple after the cosmopolitan lifestyle – you wanted to hang out for weekend brunches at the nearby Mission Bay beach. You wanted a lock-up-and-leave place so you could travel to different places without a worry.

Now that you have children and a dog or two, you realise you need a garden for them to expend their energy while you sip on a cup of coffee.

Or you would like to be nearer to Mission Bay beach or Churchill Park or Madills Farm where you can bring them for a walk/picnic and socialise with other children. You also need to think of school zones (Decile 10 is what everyone is telling you and even then that is not enough), and bus routes for colleges if you are thinking of future proofing.

Or perhaps you want to move nearer to grandparents so someone can help with school drop offs and pick ups.

Whatever the scenario, there are different houses in different areas suitable for different stages of life. And if there is a mismatch, it may be time to sell and move on.

5. You’ve Run Out Of Space

It’s A Sign To… Sell

So since you bought your home, you have now become a family of four. While you were able to make do when the children were young, you are starting to feel frustrated at the lack of separation – and so are your growing children. Maybe your spouse’s tendency to hog things has defeated you despite constant attempts to ‘marie kondo’ your life. Instead of drastically changing your lifestyle, perhaps it’s time to change your home.

If budget is a concern, prioritize size of the house over other items on your real estate wish list such as a brand new home or specific neighbourhood.

Upsizing in this market is actually not a bad move since more expensive homes have come down far more.

So Should You Love It Or List It?

So which scenario are you currently in? Is it better to love your home or list it and find another one to love? It’s difficult to judge from an outsider’s perspective.

However, what we can do to help is to give you a valuation on your house, update you on the market, explain to you the costs of selling and a rough gauge of the prices for the properties which you like. Armed with that information, you can then best decide which option works for your family.

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