What’s Trending Next? Home and Design Ideas for 2020

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Almost everyone enjoys making predictions for a new year—and certainly for a new decade.

Many designers agree that gray is on its way out, while deep hues are becoming the stars in interior paint. And more homeowners are following the craze of decluttering and tidying up popularized by Marie Kondo so they can focus on experiencing joy in their home.

While some fads are natural evolutions based on obvious societal trends and others are more far-fetched, we’ve whittled it down to 6 trends that are sure to inspire your inner-designer dreams.

Plus, don’t miss 3 up-and-coming kitchen trends that are bound to spark interest and maybe a call to your builder.

Just be careful not to overcapitalise.

1. Comfortable Dining Rooms

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Homeowners have decided they don’t want to give up their dining rooms—that’s in the past. Now they want dining rooms to be less formal and more functional – an obvious acknowledgement of the open-plan kitchen/living concept.

The best way to do this is by investing in a multipurpose table that can take wear and tear, comfy chairs with high backs and armrests, and washable fabrics.

Fun light fixtures are replacing delicate ones, and some traditional dining room furnishings are disappearing—such as china cabinets used for fancy entertaining.

2. Fabulous Foyers

Homeowners know the importance of exterior curb appeal, but now they’re taking advantage of the foyer as another opportunity to impress visitors.

Foyers which are “gracious” in size with walls to hang a mirror or art or offer views through to a living room and beyond are becoming popular. We like foyers in multi-storey dwellings to incorporate a dramatic stairway with wider or more curved treads, risers, and railings fabricated from novel materials. Some include a skylight at the top to flood the area with light.

3. Graphic Bathroom Floors

Boldly patterned floors are adding a spark of interest in bathrooms that were recently trending very monochromatic and spa-like.

Consider using encaustic, graphic floor tile, similar to those that show up along kitchen backsplashes. But here’s one caveat for bathrooms. When choosing such patterns, it should be the lead actor in the show while other elements play supporting roles. A bathroom should still be a personal sanctuary, and too much visual noise could weary the eye.

4. Living Walls

ruoxi wang dickson lee ray white glendowie st heliers orakei mission bay remuera meadowbank st johns mt wellington november real estate sales statistics

For homeowners downsizing to a property with a smaller yard—or for those who have trouble bending down—living walls offer a way to connect to greenery by growing plants, vegetables, and herbs along the walls of a home, garage, or outbuilding.

Gardening is going up rather than out for aesthetics and consumption. Consider growing vines like star jasmine and creeping fig, edibles such as tomatoes and cucumbers, and herbs like rosemary and basil. “Plant walls” resembling art are also showing up inside, especially when homeowners don’t have an outdoor space.

5. Downsizing Homes, Rooms, and Ornate Features

The McMansion craze has been dead for years, resulting in more homeowners looking to downsize and millennials never planning to go big. “They favour experiences over owning large high-maintenance, high-cost homes filled with lots of stuff.”

Many home shoppers are also looking for simpler architectural detailing that pares maintenance and cost, as well as fewer rooms that will go unused. If you are considering developing, this is something you should consider rather than just give in to the urge of maximising building coverage. Well-designed 3-bedrooms can often sell much better and at higher prices than poorly-designed, tiny 4-bedrooms.

6. Deeper Hues

ruoxi wang dickson lee ray white glendowie st heliers orakei mission bay remuera meadowbank st johns mt wellington november real estate sales statistics

The darker hues are coming on strong. Pantone anointed “classic blue”—a very royal tone—as its colour of the year. Another emerging trend: monochromatic rooms, donning a single paint colour on the walls, trim, and ceiling.

Top 3 Kitchen Trends

Kitchens remain the number one focus in the home.

The new fads being conjured are giving kitchens an update in style, appliances, materials, and colours, as well as a way to enhance surrounding spaces since many are part of the open plan living-dining-kitchen area.

While marble white may still dominate cabinets and countertops, other colours are popping up—so are new technologies that help homeowners prepare food more effortlessly and healthily. Here are three kitchen trends to watch in 2020.

  1. Materials. Kitchen appliances are showing an uptick in more white and black matte finishes as well as a new look of glass-covered stainless steel fronts that’s emerging. Also showing up in kitchens is a greater mix of metals, such as brushed bronze and copper to help freshen appliances, which generally last about 10 years.
  2. Technology. Voice assistants now read recipes and cooking directions for homeowners so they don’t have to turn cookbook pages with flour-coated fingers. Hello Alexa or Google Home! A new wall oven with hot air-fry capability is offering a healthier alternative to deep frying.
  3. Function. A new kitchen island is emerging, which combines an island with a dinette. The island features a place to prepare meals at one height and an additional countertop that slides out at a lower level for people to eat around when desired.

Trends are meant to inspire rather than homeowners feel the need to rush into a renovation to make a house hip or more marketable than another. And before any homeowner thinks about investing in such renovations, you should consider your personal enjoyment rather than to boost saleability or final sale price, which is often heavily dependent on market activity.

Trend to Watch In 2020: Car Charging Stations

ruoxi wang dickson lee ray white glendowie st heliers orakei mission bay remuera meadowbank st johns mt wellington november real estate sales statistics

The jury is still out when it comes to electric car charging stations at home. 

The cost is relatively modest, compared to the price of the home. But this is something that is highly dependent on the electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle market taking off (metaphorically). If you are commissioning a new build, this is something you can certainly consider.

So that’s it. Are you planning to do any of these in your Mission Bay, St Heliers, Glendowie, Orakei, Kohimarama or Remuera homes?

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