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Buying a property

I get it. Buying a property is tough – you are getting into a huge mortgage and choose the ideal property within your budget and which ticks off all the boxes. It is normal to feel anxiety and not know where to start. Fret not. I have written many articles in this section which will be useful to your property-buying journey. Let me know if you need any assistance – sometimes, all you need is a listening ear! 

If you are selling your property – have a read here. 

Oct 15
September 2018 Residential Report for the Eastern Suburbs, Auckland

Short commentary on Eastern Suburbs’ market statistics for September 2018 Hello…

Sep 15
Saint Heliers

Saint Heliers is an affluent eastern suburb of Auckland, located about 10 kilometres…

Aug 21
How to buy a property that pays you to live in it?

Have you heard of house-hacking? Many property listings today, especially in Auckland,…

Jul 27
Why use SELLING AGENTS when you are BUYING property in 2018

Are all agents out to rip you off? When hunting for a property, you may feel you are…

Jul 15
What does CV, RV, GV and market value mean?

In the real estate industry, phrases like CV, RV, GV and market value often get thrown…

Jul 05
New restrictions on foreign investment in housing – how will it affect you as a seller, buyer or homeowner?

The proposed changes to the Overseas Investment Act 2005 (OIA) to restrict foreign…

Jun 04
What is the best method to sell my home?

People in the Eastern Suburbs often ask: given there are so many different methods of…

May 26
Moving Homes

So you have just bought a home? You have come to the right place. You have just gone…